LAMA FERA Reiki Master Mala Adhikary

LAMA FERA Master, Reiki Master- Teacher & Spiritual Healer

Reiki Master Mala Adhikary

LAMA FERA MASTER, Kriya yogi, Reiki, Crystal Reiki, Angel Therapy and certified by The International Centre for Reiki training and Karuna Reiki Master Teacher.

She cured many patients who had been suffering from infertility. They got benefited by learning Reiki and Lama Fera from her. Besides these, she also helps women who suffer from gynecological problems, tumours, mental depression, maintaining positive relationships, guiding children properly, children's education, negative aura cleaning, prosperity in business, removing Vastu problems. She personally teaches many educated as well as uneducated people in a simple way in which students understand everything. Especially she is successfully teaching Reiki to the females. People learnt Reiki and Lama from her, are now leading a very happy and healthy life.

We have special arrangements for females so that they can learn Reiki and Lama from a female Reiki Master and we maintain privacy... So we suggest you to learn Reiki and Lama Fera in order to stay healthy and keep others healthy.


Lama Fera is a powerful and simple technique of healing. Its purity & secrecy is very important. The following suggestions should be kept in mind to get good results.

Symbols and Mantras should be kept confidential.

Make sure that the LAMA-FERA KIT needed for heal-ing and attunement is purchased from an authorised place.

Lama-Fera is a powerful healing system, which has been used since 620 B.C. Disciples of Buddha have been trying to treat and heal incurable diseases and problems of the soul. In the course of time, this system disappeared but some Lamas use it even today.


By learning this system, your as well as problems of others, business problems, property problems and other difficult matters can be healed. Freedom from negative energy takes place. It does not result in any physical or mental harm or adverse reaction. It promotes chemical processing of body, muscles, bones and gives strength and radiant energy. It helps in blood circulation, digestive disorders and all problems related to the body and mind. After treatment it leaves the body full of power and one keeps glowing.


1. Balancing of physical and spiritual energy
2. Freedom from tension and worry; and gives inspiration lo become a Karamyogi ( A Karamyogi is a person, whose actions are done in a detached manner, without expecting the results)
3. Direct healing and effect on the root causes of diseases
4. The attainment and development of awareness, enlightenment and knowledge.
5. It makes you active, alert and self-confident.

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