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Sree Anil Kumar ( LAMA FERA Master, Reiki Grand Master & Spiritual Healer )

Sree Anil Kumar had great desire to heal the sufferer from his very childhood. He searched for such a process through which he can able to heal others without medicines and its side-effects. He got the chances to get company of many intellectuals who guided him to accomplish his desire. He even got company of many monks where he got deep spiritual inspiration. Later he learnt Astrology in order to serve people better.

But he could not be fully satisfied with it. He read about Yogiraj Shyamacharan Lahiri Mahashaya and got interest to learn KriyaYoga. So he became disciple of Yogiguru Dr. Ashoke Kr. Chattopadhyaya who taught him the secret process of KriyaYoga and initiated him into this process. Though he got the process of spiritual cleansing, but in order to heal physical ailments, he became interested to learn Reiki which was re-invented by Dr. Mikao Usui, a Japanese Researcher.

Later he learnt Reiki from the member of the International Centre For Reiki Training, America. He also learnt Crystal Reiki Grand Mastership and Karuna Reiki® Mastership from The International Centre For Reiki Training, America. He found that Reiki is the only process through which one can heal oneself and also others without any medicines or instruments, only by the light touch of hands, it works miraculously. Though it has no enmity with medical science, but it is found that many incurable diseases can be easily cured by Reiki. Sree Anil Kumar himself healed many patients and got confidence on Reiki. After a lot of hard work and dedication he got the Reiki Grand Mastership.

Smt. Mala Adhikary ( LAMA FERA Master, Reiki Master- Teacher & Spiritual Healer )

He founded Madhyamgram Touch Healing Institute with help of his only Son Sree Tamal Adhikary ( Reiki Master-Teacher) and his wife Smt. Mala Adhikary (Reiki Master-Teacher) to heal the patients and also make them Reiki Healer as well as Reiki Master. His motto is to create at least a Reiki Healer in each and every family of our country.

Smt. Mala Adhikary is the perfect companion and life partner of Sree Anil Kumar and She always helps him to achieve his goal. She got Reiki Mastership from Sree Anil Kumar and devoted herself to Reiki. She also did Karuna Reiki® Mastership from The International Centre For Reiki Training, America. She is also a KriyaYogi. She is in charge of the Reiki Teaching with Female diseases in Madhyamgram Touch Healing Institute. Many women got their healthy life back under the Reiki guidance of Smt. Mala Adhikary. Any female internal problem can be discussed with her frankly in separate room and she always helps the patients to speak out their problem freely so that their diseases can be uprooted easily. She also takes a leading role in spreading Reiki among the masses.

Sree Tamal Adhikary

Sree Anil Kumar's only son Sree Tamal Adhikary who has taken a leading role in establishing Madhyamgram Touch Healing Institute. He has been initiated into Reiki by Sree Anil Kumar and he has become a Reiki Master-Teacher. Later he also completed Crystal Reiki Mastership and Karuna Reiki® Mastership from The International Centre For Reiki Training, America. He also completed Angel Therapy and Founder of Spirit Guide Meditation. He is pursuing M.A (English) and takes a leading role to compose Reiki Manual books of Madhyamgram Touch Healing Institute. He organizes Crystal Reiki Basic and Advance Courses which are taken by the practitioners who have already completed Reiki Basic and Advance Courses. Any Mental disorder, phobias, anxiety, lack of concentration, tension, tress or various psychological and emotional problems, any chronic or genetic diseases can be cured though Crystal Reiki Basic And Advance Courses which is taught by Sree Tamal Adhikary in a particular friendly atmosphere where patients can freely interact with him and even able to discuss about their each and every quarries without any irritation.

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President : Sree Anil Kumar